Gorges Alcantara

Alcantara Gorges Guide, Taormina, Sicily.

This is the ultimate, 2021 guide to the Alcantara Gorge. Inside you'll find information about tickets price, best tours and on how to get to gorges from Taormina and Catania by car or by bus. We are going to share with you tips and advices to get the best out of your visit to this amazing River Park.

The ultimate guide to the Gorges of Alcantara and the River Park

The less known "Gurne" Of the Alcantara. A paradise away from the crowd

This 2021 Alcantara Gorge guide is the most extensive that you will find out there. Whatever you are looking to find a bus from Taormina to the Alcantara Gorges, knowing the less expensive car park, or a list of available excursions, like canyoning or Body Rafting, we are going to provide all the information on how to get the best out of your visit to the Alcantara River Park

The Alcantara Valley and the Gorges

Located on the east coast of the island of Sicily we find the beautiful Alcantara valley and the scenic Alcantara Gorges that enclose one of the most extensive biodiversity in the whole of the Mediterranean basin. The Alcantara Valley, and the gorge form at the intersection between the fertile north-west flank of Mount Etna an active volcano, and the lush south est side of the Nebrodi mountain range, the Sicilian Apennine. The beautiful city of Randazzo at an altitude of seven hundred meters above sea level marks the beginning of the Alcantara Valley, while the end of the Valley is in the coastal town of Giardini Naxos where the Alcantara river meets the mediterranean sea. Like the rest of the Island of Sicily, even the Alcantara valley has seen all the major civilizations of the mediterranean sea of the last three thousand years leaving a cultural and architectonic mark of their passage. The hillside villages dotting the flanks of the Alcantara valley treasure some hidden historical gems, to be discovered away from mass tourism. The Gorge of the Alcantara (Gole Alcantara) inside the Botanical and Geological park in the territory of the village of Motta Camastra displays the most fascinating and complex geology of the whole Valley. Inside the stunning Canyon flows the Alcantara river, the best location where to try the Body rafting adventure or to enjoy some tours and excursions. The soil of this part of Sicily, thanks to the, frequents eruptions of Mount Etna is super fertile benefiting the agriculture and the production of some of the finest wines of Italy. The geographical proximity of the Gorges fo the Alcantara to the coastline of Taormina and the marine park of Isola Bella,  and the opportunity to enjoy a holiday away from the crowded coastal towns have put The Alcantara Valley and Mount Etna on the radar of a new generation of traveler eager to get off the Beaten Path and to experience a vacation in touch with the real Sicilian rural Culture.

Tips: The Alcantara Valley is a great place to discover rural Sicily. Visit Randazzo sunday market, or Castiglione di sicilia.

The Canyon of the alcantara Gorges

The Gorge of the Alcantara and the Alcantara river park are the big attractions of the Valley. The spectacular Alcantara Gorge is located in the territory of the small village of Motta Camastra, not far from the famous coastal towns of Taormina and Giardini Naxos. The geological history of this Canyon is strictly linked to the tectonic activity of this part of Sicily and to a lava flow from a fault system most probably connected to Mount Etna. The incredible rock formations of the Alcantara Gorges with columns of basalt and walls high up to 50 meters are the main tourist attraction in the whole of the Valley. The crystal clear Alcantara river flows for a total length of 52 km. But reaches the peak of his wilderness and beauty when it gets channeled inside the 800 meters of the Gorge creating some rapids, and forming the stunning waterfall of Venus Pool. In the last few years, a way to discover the wildest nature hidden in the list accessible part of the Canyon is through a tour of Body rafting, or an adventurous excursion of Canyoning. Whoever decided to visit this Canyon will view the breathtaking landscape of the beautiful Alcantara Gorge and the river, two of the most spectacular places on the island of Sicily. A hidden jewel of the Alcantara river not far from the gorges are the "Gurne" a series of five wonderful natural pools where to relax, swimming and explore the countryside, off the beaten path

What to do at the Alcantara Gorge?

Body rafting alcantara gorge
A girl enjoying a Body Rafting tour at the Alcantara Gorge

The Alcantara Gorge, as much as the river and the Alcantara Valley, offers many different activities and excursions. For a more detailed list of activities, you can check our article about the top five tours available at the Alcantara Gorge. The river offers the possibility to enjoy some river sport like Canyoning and Body Rafting. Families can go walking along the Canyon with a Riverwalk excursion with whom is any way possible to see the stunning rock formations of the Alcantara gorges and enjoy a swim in the clear waters of the river Alcantara. The surroundings around the gorges offer a famous Mountain bike trail with whom to admire the fantastic colorful Sicilian countryside and to get to the gurne. Quad excursions are also available. Hike from the town of Castiglione to the natural pools of the Gurne is news since 2020. For the more relaxed Etna wine tour and Alcantara can give you the chance to discover the flanks of the highest active volcano of Europe, enjoy a tasty lunch, and in the afternoon chill out by the river's banks. It's always a good idea to check for the availability of tours, especially around July and August when there is the highest demand for excursions in the Alcantara valley. Most of the tours to the Gorges depart from the town of Taormina, Giardini Naxos, and Catania, However, it is not impossible to arrange without extra charge a transfer from other towns close to the Alcantara gorge.

Tips: To avoid the August crowd, go to the gorge before 11 a.m. or if you want some privacy head towards the opposite side of the Canyon. along the river banks, there are quiet places.

 When to visit The Alcantara Gorges and the Alcantara Valley?

The climate of this part of the island of Sicily is relatively mild all throughout the year. Between April and June in the Alcantara Valley, the temperature can range between 20 and 28 degrees and makes the ideal time to explore the countryside. The bonus is that in this part of the year the Alcantara gorges are not busy, especially between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. July and August are the hottest and driest months of the year. Temperatures in the mid-day often exceed 36 degrees, and the Alcantara gorges are super busy. At the same time, the Alcantara valley still offers plenty of places along with the river banks ad in the mountain villages where to relax and escape the crowds of holidaymakers. September and October are two months in which temperatures still in the highs twenties while most of the tourists are gone. From November to March the Alcantara Park and the gorges are closed, while it is still possible to visit the Valley and lots of pretty hillside villages dotting the flanks of the hills enclosing the river. In July and August avoid visiting the Canyon of the Alcantara on a Sunday because it can be jam-packed. Remember that the 14th and 15th of August is a National holiday in Italy and traffic jams are common on the road of Sicily, and the Alcantara gorges become so busy that you can hardly walk.

Alcantara river park opening hours summer 2021.

The Alcantara Botanical park and the gorges are open daily From 8 a.m. until sunset. The ticket's prices through to public stairs cost only € 1,50. Kids up to six do not pay. There is a private lift that charges €8. Keep in mind that the public gate and the stairs leading to the entrance of the Alcantara gorges are close between the beginning of November and the end of March.

How to get to the Alcantara River Park

How to get from the Alcantara Gorge from Taormina?

Who's heading to the beautiful Alcantara from Taormina will drive for 30 minutes along the Strada Statale SS 185 towards  Francavilla di Sicilia. Keep in mind that in August the SS 185 is super busy and it can take up to one hour to get to The Alcantara Gorge.

How to get to the Alcantara Gorge From Catania?

From Catania, it takes 50 minutes through the "Autostrada" ( Motorway) A 18, exit at the junction of Giardini Naxos. From here follow the road signs to Francavilla di Sicilia and after fifteen kilometers you will see on the left-hand side the main entrance to the Canyon of the Alcantara Gorge. Remember that driving from Catania to the Alcantara Gorges in August sometimes requires double the time it would take in other parts of the year.

Bus from Taormina to Alcantara gorge

From Taormina’s bus station there are three daily runs to the Alcantara Gorges. The one using the Bus service from Taormina or Catania contact the local bus company "Interbus" They do run daily services to the Alcantara Gorges.

Bus from Catania to the Alcantara Gorges

There is no direct bus from Catania. The bus will go to Taormina train station first. Then you need to board another bus heading to the Alcantara Gorges. 

Alcantara Gorge FAq

Can I go swimming in the Alcantara Gorge?

Sure, you can go for a swim, make sure to bring a pair of river shoes to protect your feet from the pebbles.

How cold is the water of the Alcantara river?

Well, the temperature of the water is usually around 10 degrees Celcius. And not everyone is capable of withstanding the freezing waters of the river.

Is there a Car park at the Alcantara Gorge?

Yes, there are three parking lots, the first one on the left-hand side is the biggest, but it's private. The second one on the right-hand side is public, and it's the one to use if you are planning to use the public stairs. A third car park is thirty meters after the public stairs on the right-hand side and for most of the year is free. In August a local guy asks you to pay two euros.

Can I go hiking inside the Alcantara Gorge?

Well, you can explore the first fifty meters, then you'll need a guide and all the technical gear. If you want to get inside the Canyon with a body rafting tour Get in touch with Vera +393388255973 or visit Alcantara Gorges Tour.

Can I sleep inside the Gorge?

No, there are no accommodations available.

Can I camp in the Alcantara gorge?

No, is a protected area and athe river the banks are too small to put up a tent. Be careful a flash flood can take place any time, and the river banks will be swiped by the force of the Alcantara river.

Is there a beach at the Alcantara Gorges?

Is there is a small beach made of pebbles

Is there a restaurant or a place to eat at the Alcantara Gorges?

No, where the beach is, there is no place to eat, apart from a small and pricy kiosk. Close to the public entrance, there are few places where to eat.

Can I touch the incredible rock formations of the Alcantara Gorge?

Yes, it's possible to touch the walls of the Canyon, but it's severely prohibited to write or ruins these majestic volcanic rocks.