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Alcantara Gorge Canyoning

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  • Explore the Alcantara Gorge;

  • Live an Adventure in Sicily;

  • Enjoy Body Rafting;

  • Experience The thrill of Canyoning;

Alcantara Canyoning and Body Rafting

Sicily active with this Alcantara Gorge Canyoning adventure will let you discover the wildest part of the Alcantara River Park. We will take you between jumps, dives, rope descents, and slips along the crystal clear waters of the Alcantara river and in the heart of the Gorge. We are gonna do some River Walk on the way up and, Body Rafting in the final part of our excursion. Among the activities you can choose to do in the botanical park, the Alcantara, Canyoning and Body Rafting are at the top of the list for the emotions that will give you. Our River sports team is located a few meters from the entrance to the Alcantara gorge river park and a few kilometers from Taormina and Giardini-Naxos.

The cost of the excursion includes technical equipment and the ticket to the Alcantara River Park.

Escursion Details

We will begin our river adventure in the canyon of the Alcantara Gorge with a dressing that takes about thirty minutes. Once worn the helmet, the wet-suit, the footwear, and a life jacket in ten minutes by car we will reach the starting point of our excursion, from where we will  jump into the crystal water of the Alcantara River  Along the two and half hours canyoning tour we will enjoy a series of jumps, swim, and use the body as a raft to reach the pool of Venus, here we will rest and, enjoy the wild nature before getting back to our cars through a country lane to find ourselves a few meters from where we started our canyoning tour earlier on.

The excursion requires a minimum of agility and fitness

Useful information

  • Tour lenght 3 hours
  • Canyoning 2h30 min.
  • Minimum age 16
  • Intensity Level:medium

What's Include

  • Instructor
  • Technical gear
  • Free car par
  • Changing Rooms
  • Showers

What to Bring

  • Towel
  • Swimwear

Will I use ropes along this Alcantara Canyoning tour?

No, Since we do not want to keep the group waiting too long for the others to go down using ropes, We prefer to Jump from the rocks into the water.

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