Top sandy beaches in Sicily

Best beaches in Sicily

Along with this detailed article, I will answer questions like "Where to stay in Sicily for the best beaches"? "What is Sicily's best Honeymoon beach"? Where are the best family beaches in Sicily? Are there secret beaches in Sicily? I'm going to share tips and pieces of advice to make sure you find the ideal beach to suit your taste.

The ultimate guide about the top ten beaches in Sicily.

When I sat down and started planning to write this extensive article, I browsed through Google and found at least a dozen of websites writing about Sicily's Beautiful beaches. So I knew I should have aimed to write something that would go over and beyond the usual "10 best beaches in Sicily". In this ultimate guide, I will answer questions like "Where to stay in Sicily for the best beaches"? "What is Sicily's best Honeymoon beach"? Where are the best family beaches in Sicily? Are there secret beaches in Sicily? I'm going to share tips and pieces of advice to make sure you find the ideal beach to suit your taste. The Guide is divided into three main chapters: Sandy Beaches, Pebbles Beaches, and Coves and Secret Beaches. Whatever you are looking for a deserted beach or a trendy one in this article you'll find the ideal beach where to spend an unforgettable vacation in Sicily.

About Sicily

Sicily lies in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea between Italy's southern tip and the north coast of Tunisia. This island, like many of the Mediterranean basin countries, has an incredible historical and cultural heritage. The NatureNature of this island is not second to her history. Sicily host two of the most active volcanoes on the planet, a series of wild mountain ranges and amazing canyons like the Alcantara Gorges. Nevertheless, the island is well known for its coastline's beauty, so keep reading to find out the well over the usual ten best beaches in Sicily.

Where to Stay in Sicily for the Best Beaches?

This question does not have a single straightforward answer. Sicily is the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea. It has a considerable coastal extension (1,637 km), with 1,152 km of coasts on the main island plus 500 km of beaches in the smaller islands. Sicily is the region with the largest number of kilometers of coastline in Italy.  Every coast of the island of Sicily has both sandy beaches and stunning rocky coves. In broad terms, we can say that Sicily's west and north coasts have the most beautiful sandy beaches; some are white. The black volcanic beaches are found in the Aeolian Islands' archipelago, wild rocky coves on the east coast, and golden sandy shores on the south coast. Of course, along the same coast, you can find rocky cove and sandy beaches. So it depends on what kind of beach you are looking for. But do not worry, I'm sure that by reading this article you'll find your ideal beach.

Where are the best beaches in Sicily?

All over the island of Sicily, there are beautiful beaches. If you choose the ones on the north coast, you'll deepen yourself in Palermo's Arab history and the Sicilian capital's street food. The east coast beaches are the most famous, and cities like Taormina offer proximity to Mount Etna, the highest Active volcano in Europe. If you head towards west Sicily beaches, be ready to smell the north African coast's fragrance and enjoy a sunset overlooking the white salt field. So anywhere in Sicily, there are amazing beaches. Cause finally, Sicily is not just about sandy beaches; this island offers excellent food, superb wines, three thousand years of history, and welcoming people.

Are Sicilian beaches crowded?

Well, in mid-summer between August and July, most beaches are jam-packed, especially the most famous. But still, there are secret beaches where it is possible to find peace. Keep in mind that you can swim in Sicily between the end of April and the end of October, so if you visit the island away from August and July, there are plenty of deserted beaches.

What is Sicily's best Honeymoon beach?

The answer to this question it’s enclosed in the article. Not all the couples are the same, likely! A couple might wish to spend their honeymoon in a simple bed and breakfast by a deserted and wild beach while another want or spoil themselves in a five-star hotel in a trendy bay. To have an extensive list of places where to spend your honeymoon read our dedicated article to "What is Sicily's best Honeymoon beach"?

Where are the best family beaches in Sicily?

Not all the family are the same or have the same preferences when it comes to choosing a holiday destination. Since here at Sicily Active we are family-friendly we have dedicated a full article about a family holiday in Sicily.

Sandy beaches in Sicily

Let start our quest to discover the most beautiful Sicilian beaches from the sandy ones. Remember that this is just a list of some of the sandy beaches of Sicily. Like Ragusa districts on the south coast, Agrigento has many golden sandy beaches deserted for most of the year. In comparison, it's more challenging but not impossible to find deserted beaches on the north and east coast of the island. The east and north coasts are the most famous among holidaymakers.

San Vito lo Capo beach, Sicily

A view of the white sandy beach of San Vito Lo Capo. Trapani west coast.

The long beach of San Vito, in the province of Trapani, in the north-western tip of Sicily, is an enchantment of nature: on a bay close by a Mountain, you will find a sea of ​​a full and intense blue that contrasts with the fine white sand, and with the white of the townhouses. Sea, rock climbing, good food, and art: this is a place that everyone agrees on. In September, San Vito hosts the biggest couscous festival of the Mediterranean basin.

 Lampedusa beach Sicily

Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa Sicily.

The small and arid Island of Lampedusa host some of the most amazing beaches of Italy. The journey to reach this "Rock" in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea required an eight to ten-hour boat ride from Porto Empedocle on Sicily's south coast. Still, if you are a beach lover, this is an unmissable location while traveling in Sicily. In 2013, the white rabbit beach of Lampedusa was voted as the most beautiful in the world. Not far from Lampedusa, there is the wild island of Linosa, a real, naturalistic gem. The island is part of the Nature Reserve of Lampedusa. Here, the Caretta Caretta sea turtles come every year to lay their eggs. Snorkeling is one of Sicily's best.

Cala dell'Uzzo Beach 

Cala dell'Uzzo Beach. San vito Lo Capo. Trapani West coast.

This marine reserve has some of the most beautiful beaches on the northwest coast of Sicily. Dwarf palms, rosemary bushes, and all the Mediterranean scrub beauty. The Zingaro Nature Reserve is easily accessible from Palermo or San Vito Lo Capo. A real paradise for spontaneous indigenous plants and a place where Nature remains uncontaminated. You will meet seven coves along the path to be followed strictly on foot (trekking shoes are highly recommended to reach the less frequented beaches and further away from the main entrances). This is the perfect place for you if you like hiking: The most photographed cove is certainly Cala Dell'Uzzo for its Caribbean colors and extraordinary underwater marine life.

Calamosche beach 

Cala Mosche Beach. Noto. East coast

Nestled between Vendicari and Noto, this heavenly cove is lapped by a beautiful sea with vivid and intense colors that invite you to dive. Thanks to the coast's typical morphology, full of caves, here you can admire a varied marine fauna. The golden sandy beach is about 200 meters long, and it is located right in the middle of two rocky promontories that make the sea always calm and ideal for swimming. 

 Mondello beach Sicily

Sicily most beautiful beaches.
Mondello Beach, Sicily. Palermo. North Coast

Mondello beach is considered among the most beautiful and evocative of Palermo. It is set between Monte Pellegrino and Monte Gallo, which give a touch of NatureNature and greenery to the white beach lapped by a crystalline sea. Throughout the year, you can enjoy the solitary and wild beauty of the Mondello beach. In contrast, between July and August, Mondello beach becomes the meeting place for those who want holidays full of fun, comfort, but without giving up white sand and a sea with shallow waters and colors that fade from turquoise to emerald.

Giardini Naxos beach

Where to go in Sicily for beaches?
Giardini Naxos beach. Messina. East Coast.

Giardini Naxos beach is one of the most important and popular seaside resorts in Sicily. It extends about four kilometers south of Taormina. Giardini Naxos beaches are trendy in summer with tourists. The sandy beach of Naxos is made up of fine golden sand and surrounded by green Mediterranean scrub. Immediately after, there is the beach of San Giovanni made up of fine gray sand and, finally, Porticciolo Saja, an area where there are several sandy coves among the fascinating lava rocks. The waters that bathe the coast of Giardini Naxos are clean and blue and boast extraordinary high and transparent seabeds just a few meters from the shore. The famous and fabulous marine park of Taormina Isola Bella is only four kilometers. North of Giardini Naxos. 

White fountains beach Syracuse.

Best beaches near syracuse
Fontane Bianche beach. Syracuse. East coast.

White fountain beach is a real tropical corner in the Mediterranean. The beach takes its name from the natural freshwater fountains found in this area. The beach stretches for about 3 km. not far from Syracuse on the eastern coast of Sicily. Fontane Bianche beach boasts a crystal clear sea and rocky seabed: a paradise for divers and fishing lovers, where it is possible to surf or explore the coast by boat. Wait for the sunset while drinking an aperitif in one of the many beach bars, and then, in the evening, the party continues in the beaches transformed into open-air dance floors.

Cefalù beach

best beach destinations in sicily
Cefalù Beach. Palermo. North Coast

Cefalù is a seaside village at the foot of a rocky cape. An expanse of small houses with the picturesque alleys of the historic center descends on the sea. On the other hand, dominating the sandy beach is the 13th-century Cathedral built by Roger II. A bath in Cefalù is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the millenary art and culture of Sicily. In the summer months, the beach can be a very crowded tourist destination. Cefalù' historic center was declared a Unesco heritage site in 2015.

Capo Passero Island Beach

Sicily Beaches
Capo Passero Beach. Syracuse. South-East Coast

Capo Passero's island is located right in front of Portopalo, the southernmost municipality in Italy. It rises in the middle of two seas and acts as a watershed between the Ionian and the Mediterranean. The islet of about 35 hectares is separated from the mainland by a strip of sand. Once you arrive, you will find a magnificent amber beach and turquoise and crystalline sea. An exotic scenario that is radically transformed in the north, where the coast becomes jagged and rocky.

Pebbles beaches and Rocky Coves

Most of Us, when thinking about holidays, imagine a large expanse of golden sandy beach. But I can assure you that some of Sicily's most beautiful and breathtaking marine landscapes are hidden in some spectacular rocky coves.

Isola Bella, Taormina

Taormina boat tour. isola Bella taormina.
Isola Bella Beach. Taormina. Messina. East Coast

A short distance from the coast of Taormina, this islet is a wonder that you must explore at least once in your life: a luxuriant and flourishing nature characterizes it, together with a crystal sea. The name, which a German baron gave to the island, says it all: this place is a hymn to beauty, a beauty that must be celebrated and shared. Boat Excursions around the island and over to the other three bays are highly recommended. Tell the truth, and you have just put Isola Bella on the agenda of your next destinations, right?

Cala bue Marino, San Vito Lo Capo

Where are the best beaches in Sicily?
Cala Bue Marino. san Vito Lo Capo. Trapani. West Coast.

It was awarded in 2015 as the most beautiful beach in Italy by a survey by the Italian environment agency. It is located four kilometers from San Vito Lo Capo. Sandstone rocks and white pebbles grant comfortable and safe access to the sea, immersed in the beauty of Nature and Sicilian colors. The water is emerald green that becomes turquoise. The beach does not have sunbed or umbrellas. so be ready to lie down on a towel.

Cala Rossa Island of favignana

The splendid Cala Rossa, located north-west on the island of Favignana: framing the sea, which in this stretch is truly spectacular, a poetic winding of inlets and rocks dotted with Mediterranean scrub, for an atmosphere that is truly unique in the world. The cove can be reached by sea, boat, or land, through a steep but picturesque path worth all the effort. The island of Favignana also has Sandy beaches. 

Pollara Beach, Salina, Aeolian Islands

Aeoliands Island. Pollara beach.
Pollara Beach. Salina Island. Messina. North Coast.

This beach is characterized by a coastline of dark pebbles and gravel, extends under a cliff in the shape of an amphitheater. The inlet is accessed via a steep staircase. The sea is clear and crystalline: you will find yourself bathing in a prehistoric submerged crater, of which the remains shaped by fire, wind, and water are still visible.

Faraglioni beach, Linosa island 

Linosa island.
Linosa Island. Agrigento. South coast.

Those who prefer rocks and nature will love the stacks of Linosa. A lunar place where sharp black volcanic boulders meet the blue of the water, which turns green and turquoise at times. The rocks form small natural pools, ravines, and tiny coves, all to be explored. The island of Linosa is a real paradise for diving enthusiasts.

Cala Capreria

Sicily most beautiful beaches.
Cala capreira. Trapani.West coast.

Clear and turquoise waters, a beach of colored stones, and clear rocks. We are inside the Zingaro Nature Reserve, in the province of Trapani, and this is Cala Capreria, so secluded and almost unspoiled that it will capture you with its wild charm. All you have to do is keep your eyes wide open, so you don't miss the show, maybe capture it in a photo and bring special people with you to share it with!

Pumice Beach, Lipari. The Aeolian Islands.

The most beautiful beach of Sicily.
Lipari. The Aeolian Islands. Messina. North Coast.

Near a former pumice stone quarry, you can swim among the famous floating stones. The color of the seabed changes very often due to the tides that quickly displace the former mine's waste materials, pumice, and obsidian. 

Sampieri in Scopello

best beach destinations in sicily
Scopello beach. Trapani. West Coast.

A series of coves that open into the rocks overlooking the sea, transparent waters, and small shores of sand and gravel will make you rediscover how beautiful life is! We are on the beach of Sampieri in Scopello, which combines Nature's beauty with many possibilities to have fun. The Faraglioni's splendid scenography, right in front of the old Tuna factory, and the rich seabed, particularly suitable for diving, make this place almost enchanted. Pack masks and fins in your suitcase and dive without thinking twice!

Spiaggia dei Francesi, Bagheria 

Top ten sicily Beach
Francesi Beach. Bagheria. Palermo, north Coast.

The small cove takes its name from the first French tourists who discovered it as a seaside destination. It is located on the promenade of Mongerbino, a seaside resort in the municipality of Bagheria in the Palermo district. Beautiful colors and somewhat surreal access to the sea: you have to enter through the gate of a private road which fortunately is always open. If you like wild beaches and you have no problem settling on the rocks, this small bay is the one for you. However, here the spaces are tiny, and the turnout in July and August is high, better to go early in the morning or between April and June or from September to the end of October.

Scala Dei Turchi

Best beach in sicily.
Scala dei Turchi Beach. Ralmonte, Agrigento. South Coast.

When Nature sculptures a landscape, there is little to say; you can only fall in love. This beach, close to a white cliff of marl that slopes down steeply into the emerald sea, is one of those places that take your breath away, as beautiful as it is! We are along the Agrigento coast, near Realmonte, and it is said that the boats of Turkish pirates found refuge here, traces of which remain in the name of the place. Let yourself be captured by land where Nature crosses history.

Marinello lakes, Tindari 

Tindari Beach. Sicily
Tindari Beach. Messina. North Coast.

A brackish lagoon that changes shape under the wind's pressure and the tides and a white strip of gravel and sand marks the lake's boundary and the sea. The small lakes are part of the Marinello Lakes Nature Reserve and are located in the Tindari promontory shadow. Within the Reserve, which extends for about 380 hectares, there is a considerable variety of environments: in fact, it ranges from brackish lake environments to coastal marine sands, steep slopes, and areas overlooking the sea.

Secret beaches, Sicily.

Sicily has five million dwellers, in 2019 fourteen million tourists reached the shores of this island. Why I am mentioning this data? To make crystal clear that the island’s beaches are busy. Having said that, if you avoid visiting the island in August you can find plenty of deserted beaches. However, if August is the only month that you have available for traveling and you hate crowded beaches there are some secret beaches where you can chill out, and have privacy.

Ghiaie Bianche Beach, Menfi 

Sicily secret beach
Ghiaie Bianche beach. Menfi. Agrigento. South coast.

This is a small beach in the municipality of Menfi, a small town in the province of Agrigento famous for its great wine-growing activity. Giaghe Bianche beach is a natural inlet surrounded by vineyards covered with round, white, and very smooth stones. All around are clear waters and all the tranquility of a still uncrowded beach.

Eraclea Minoa Beach Sicily

Eraclea minoa bach.Sicily.
Eraclea Minoa Beach. Agrigento. South Coast

Here the beach of fine sand is surrounded by white cliffs. To get to this sandy beach, it is necessary to walk a short path on foot in a grove, surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub's scents. The white rocks of Capo Bianco overlooking the sea, between Agrigento and Sciacca, form a beautiful cliff lapped by a turquoise sea. At the top of the cape, there are  Greek ruins of Eraclea Minoa and an ancient theater's remains.

Donnalucata beach, Scicli 

Sicily most secret beaches
Donnalucata Beach. Ragusa. South-West coast.

 A long beach of golden sand between Ragusa and Scicli Even during peak periods, given the beach's size, you can always find a corner of privacy. After the coast that bathes the inhabited center, there is a coastline of about three kilometers of wide, uncrowded wild beaches, including those of Micenci, Palo Bianco, Palo Rosso Spinasanta. The rough waters and the waves that characterize this part of the coast make the area an ideal place for surfing and windsurfing.

 The beach of Marianello, Licata

Licata Beach. Sicily.
Marianello beach,Licata. Agrigento. South coast.

 A few steps from the center of the town of Licata, this beach offers kilometers of walks on the soft sand. In its final part, after passing the long sandy stretch, you reach various coves where sand and rocks alternate. The beach of Marianello is characterized by the "Timpe," clayey mountains that delimit the border with the overhanging hills of Licata.

Torre Salsa beach 

Where to go in sicily for beaches?
Torre salsa Beach. Siculiana. Agrigento. South Coast.

It is the very long beach of the WWF Oasis of the same name between Siculiana Marina and Eraclea Minoa, bordered by chalk cliffs and limestone marl, where the Caretta Caretta sea turtle reproduces undisturbed.

Vecchia Forgia Beach. Stromboli. Aeolian Islands.

Stromboli beach. Sicily. Aeolian islands
Vecchia Forgia Beach. Stroboli Island. Messina. North coast.

The long beach of sand and black pebbles that slopes from the peak of the volcano to the sea, It can only be reached on foot along a path that starts from the beach of Scari.

La Solette Beach.

Are there sandy Beaches in Sicily?
La Soletta beach. Menfi.Agrigento. South Coast.

Not far from the fishing village and, fortunately, poorly marked are small coves cut out along an imposing limestone cliff overlooking the sea. The view runs over the Sicilian Channel and the vineyards that almost reach the beach.

Cala Marinella Beach. San Vito Lo Capo

Cala marinella beach. sicily.
Cala Marinella beach. San Vto lo Capo, Trapani. West Coast.

Very small gravel and pebble beach: it is the most difficult to reach (among those of the Zingaro Reserve), but it is undoubtedly the most beautiful. It can be reached after a walk of about three kilometers from Scopello or from San Vito.

Punta Bianca Beach

Secreat beach in sicily, south coast.
Punta Bianca Beach. Agrigento, South Coast.

A rocky spur jutting out into the sea and jagged by dozens of sandy and pebble coves, surrounded by dwarf palms and sea lilies. The conquest is hard: it is reached after having traveled a very bumpy road and surrounded by rather wild nature.

Bay of Santa Margherita 

Sicilian Beaches.
Santa Margherita bay. Castelluzzo. Trapani. West coast

Before arriving in San Vito Lo Capo, there is the spectacular view of the gulf that from Monte Cofano reaches the cliffs of Cala Mancina. This is where the splendid Bay of Santa Margherita is located, set between natural beauties and a turquoise sea.