Alcantara Gorges

river trekking on the alcantara river, sicily

How to dress for a river trekking at the Alcantara Gorges

Alcantara Gorges
Published on: 04/16/2024 - 20:22 Author: ivano

The river trekking is one of the most popular activities to visit the Alcantara gorges, let's see how to prepare and how to dress to make the most of this river...

Best Safety Gear for Body Rafting Adventures

Alcantara Gorges
Published on: 04/01/2024 - 18:19 Author: ivano

When approaching for the first time a sport like body Rafting and Canyoning the gear to have with you is paramount. Trying to save a cpuple of quids off the equipment is...

A couple enjoying an Alcantara Body rafting tour

The Alcantara Waterfall

Alcantara Gorges
Published on: 03/05/2024 - 23:07 Author: ivano

When thinking of Sicily, the majestic Alcantara Waterfall stands out as an unmissable sight. Nestled amidst stunning scenery, this natural wonder holds a captivating...

the wild beauty of the alcantara river in sicily

The Alcantara River

Alcantara Gorges
Published on: 02/22/2024 - 01:45 Author: ivano

The Alcantara River is known for its tranquil beauty and historical significance. Its geological features and diverse ecosystem have intrigued researchers and nature...

a stretch of the Alcantara River at tthe alcantara gorges

Canyoning in Sicily

Alcantara Gorges
Published on: 01/09/2024 - 01:55 Author: ivano

The island of Sicily offers a wide spectrum of experiences and activities, among the most exciting we find the Canyoning or river Jumping. Let’s find out where to enjoy...

Una delle Gurne dell'Alcantara. Parco Fluviale Alcantara.

Alcantara River lakes

Alcantara Gorges
Published on: 01/03/2024 - 00:19 Author: ivano

The word "gurne derives" (the lakes are known as Gurne) from the Sicilian Ulla or Vulla which in some parts of the island means swimming pool, pond. The Alcantara gurne...

aerial view of Castiglione di Sicilia

Alcantara Valley

Alcantara Gorges
Published on: 12/30/2023 - 23:35 Author: ivano

Unknown to most, the Alcantara valley located in north-eastern Sicily is a place that preserves millennia of history within the walls of a series of hillside villages...

Gole Alcantara Body Rafting

Is body rafting.... ?

Alcantara Gorges
Published on: 02/27/2021 - 16:12 Author: ivano

Body Rafting is a new and exciting activity where participants use their bodies as a Raft to float down a river. The stunning Canyon of the Alcantara Gorges in Sicily is...

A girl taking part in a body rafting tour at the alcatara gorges.

5 things to do at the Alcantara Gorges

Alcantara Gorges
Published on: 02/22/2021 - 09:43 Author: ivano

The 2024 guide to the top five tours to explore the Alcantara Gorge and The Valley. We provide for each tour the best prices, tips and advises. We have included more...

Gorges Alcantara

Gorge Alcantara

Alcantara Gorges
Published on: 02/10/2021 - 19:34 Author: ivano

This updated 2024 Alcantara Gorge guide is the most extensive that you will find out there. If you are looking to find a bus from Taormina to the Gorges, the less...