snorkeling in the best sicilian beaches.

Best Snorkeling in Sicily

Ready to read the 2024 guide to the best snorkeling beaches in Sicily? From small off-the-beaten-path islands to the sandy beach of the north coast we are going to share with you the best snorkeling in Sicily. Whatever you are planning to visit the Aeolian islands or the green northeast coast of Sicily, our guide will provides you with the best snorkeling spots close to your destination.

The 2024 guide to the best snorkeling spot in Sicily

The island of Sicily has many mountain ranges, active volcanos, and extraordinary archeological heritage. Still, Most of us who think about Sicily think of the sea, sun, and beaches, and for a good reason. Sicily is the largest island of the mediterranean sea with over 1000 kilometers of coastline and three archipelagos counting 19 minor islands. In Sicily, the opportunities to board a boat and enjoy some snorkeling tours are countless. Even for a born and raised Sicilian like me is not easy to have a single and most favorite snorkeling spot. To give you an idea about how many snorkeling opportunities anybody visiting Sicily has, I'll do a top five of the best snorkeling location in Sicily, trying to include as many provinces as possible. At the end of the article, I'll write a list of other snorkeling spots that, in my personal opinion, deserve to be mentioned. Are you ready? Ok, Let discover the best snorkeling in Sicily.  

Snorkeling in Taormina Marine Park of Isola Bella and the Blue cave

best snorkeling in Sicily
An Aerial view of Isola Bella Marine park in Taormina

Taormina is located on the northeast coast of Sicily and is undoubtedly the most famous tourist location of Sicily. A large archeological heritage, the proximity to Mount Etna and the international airport in Catania make Taormina a major attraction for almost 1 million visitors every year. Taormina has a stunning marine park, "Isola Bella," that many people visit every year with snorkeling tours. The high white rocks that plunge into the turquoise waters create a suggestive and beautiful landscape. Mazzarò bay, Naxos Bay, the mermaids bay, and the blue cave are all good snorkeling spots within the Isola Bella marine park. 

The Average price for a 3/4 hours snorkeling trip in Taormina is €35 

Lo Zingaro Marine reserve Sicily

Cala Capreira. Marine Reserve dello Zingaro

This corner of paradise, made of crystal waters, marine caves, and secret bays with white pebbles, is located on the northwest coast of Sicily in the district of Trapani. This 7 km. stretch of sea that includes the "Riserva dello Zingaro" will offer amazing places to enjoy some of the best snorkeling in Sicily and exciting and unexpected encounters! Especially in spring and autumn, it is not uncommon to meet sperm whales. Some of the most interesting and evocative stretches of coast are "the Faraglioni di Scopello, Cala Capreria, Cala Disa and the Tonnarella dell'Uzzo". The starting point of your snorkeling trip can be one of the coves of the reserve for those who prefer to start their excursion with a walk along the scenic path of the reserve or the port of Castellammare del Golfo for those who prefer to rent a boat or take part in one of the organized excursions.

Average price for a 3/4 hours snorkeling trip in "Zingaro Marine Reserve" is €45

Siracuse Plemmirio Marine park

Snorkeling in Sicily, est coast
One of the Beaches of the Plemmirio Marine Park

The Plemmirio Marine Park is a true paradise for anybody in search of fantastic snorkeling. This marine park is located on the southeast coast of Sicily, just 10 km from Syracuse. It is a marine protected area of about 14 km where you can practice various outdoor activities: from trekking to mountain biking, from hiking to diving. Together with the Vendicari Wildlife Oasis, in my opinion, it is the sea with the most beautiful beaches in Syracuse and its surroundings. Its seabed and its territory are rich in life among flora, fauna, corals, and a very diversified conformation. After being declared a Protected Area, whales, dolphins, and tuna have returned to their waters. If you don't practice diving, boat excursions depart from Syracuse to reach the most beautiful and hidden places of the Plemmirio Marine Park. The walking trails of the Plemmirio Nature Reserve, even if more flat, have some difficult and bumpy sections, and you have to pay close attention near the cliffs overlooking the sea. Therefore not all beaches are suitable for families with children.

Average price for a 3/4 hours snorkeling trip in Siracuse is € 30

Snorkeling in the Egadi Island

snorkeling in Sicily, Favignana
Favignana, Archipelago of the Egadi Islands. Sicily

The Egadi archipelago, in western Sicily, together with the island of Lampedusa, have one the most stunning sea of Sicily; this is a fact, not an opinion! Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo and the islets of Formica and Maraone, make up the archipelago of The Egadi Island. The opportunities to grab your mask and fins and enjoy some truly stunning snorkeling in one of the five islands are countless. One of my favorite places to snorkel in Levanzo is Capo Grosso, where sponges, corals, sandbanks, colonies of Posidonia, and many fish of all races and sizes coexist. Like the rest of Sicily, even this paradise gets so crowded between July and August that you might miss out on the magic atmosphere that these islands have. The best months to do snorkeling are April, May, June, October. 

Average price for a 3/4 hours snorkeling trip in Favignana €55

Ustica: Snorkeling off the beaten path in Sicily

Underwater marine life in Ustica.Snorkeling in Sicily
Ustica Marine Fauna.

If you are searching for a quiet place off the beaten path where to do some great snorkeling, then Ustica is the place for you. Ustica is an island of 8.65 km², which has 1309 inhabitants in the province of Palermo on the north coast of Sicily. This island has no sandy beaches but just pebbles and coves, often reachable just by boat or on foot. Ustica is perhaps one of the perfect places for diving throughout Italy, even in the entire Mediterranean. The island is so small that all you need to do is a scooter and the wish to explore and discover this hidden jewel of Sicily. If I recommended a place to do some snorkeling in Ustica, I would start from  Scogli Piatti (Flat Rocks) At the extreme west of the Marine Reserve in the Spalmatore area, and immediately after Cala Sidoti, part of the coast has flat rocks. This place is in a picturesque setting and for a good spot for snorkeling.

Average price for a 3/4 hours snorkeling trip in Ustica is €49

Other places to Snorkel in Sicily 


This island is not close to the cost, but the sea bottom is worth the trip. In 2019 the island of Rabbit made it in the top 5 of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Rest assured that you can do some good snorkeling in Lampedusa

The Aeolian Island

Is an archipelago made of seven islands not far from the north coast of Sicily. This archipelago is a Unesco world heritage and has two active volcanoes. Each island is different from the other. If you choose the aeolian island for your trip to Sicily, you will have many snorkeling opportunities.


 Is an island close to Lampedusa. The snorkeling on this Sicilian island is fantastic. If you like to get away from the crowds, you will love this small wild island.

The marine park of the Faraglioni

This marine park is between Taormina and Catania at the foot of Mount Etna. The volcanic nature of the sea rock makes this marine park an interesting snorkeling spot not far from Catania.

The San Vito Lo Capo Beach

Is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Trapani area. With clear, fine sand, shallow and crystalline water, you will feel like being in the Caribbean. Around San Vito Lo Capo there are lots of good snorkeling spots.