Explosive activity from Etna central crater

Mount Etna is one of the most active volcanos on the planet, it erupts often and even more frequently it release energy through explosions.

 Mount Etna is the most active volcano of the euro-asiatic tectonic plate. This Italian volcano produce explotions from the summit area (the most active) very often and even eruptions with emission of lava are frequent. The last eruption took place on December 2023 from the south east crater. Yesterday June 15th 2024 mount Etna went through a mild explosive activity from the central crater. The activity extended untill today 16th of June. The summit area is still open to trekkers that can reach the active craters always with an alpine guide or a volcanological guide. We want to remind anybody that wish to visit Mt. Etna to choose a certified guide. Below I have attached two videos of the explosive activity. The video were filned by the Alpine guides of Etna.

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Video 1 of the summit activity

Video 2 of the summit activity