Start on the best boat tours in Taormina for a mix of luxury and adventure. You Choose a Luxury Yacht Excursion to dine in style with stunning views. Opt for the Sunset Sail for magical moments while holding a glass of prosecco wine. Immerse yourself in marine wonders with the Snorkeling Adventure. Experience Isola Bella's charm and local flavors with the tipical mediterranean boat ideal to explore the blue grotto of Taormina.Discover hidden coves and savor Sicilian delights on a Classic Bay Tour. Each tour promises an unforgettable blend of relaxation, and excitement along the Sicilian coast. Uncover more about these amazing boat tours for your next Sicilian adventure. With this article we will help you to understand which tour is ideal for you, where to depart from and how not be scammed with prices far too high.

Best boat tours Taormina

As an advice, personally I would not go on any tour for more than 4 hours. The bays worth a visit a four (Giardini Naxos, Isola Bella, Mazzarò and the mermaids bay) and are one next to the other, a four hours boat trips will give you time to go for a swim, chill out while sun bathing and to enjoy some fruit and a glass of wine. Second piece of advice, regardless of the type of boat tour you decide to go for, depart always from Giardini Naxos Harbour, you might ask why? Well, you get to see the whole of Naxos bay, prices can be cheaper and usually on board even with the two hours boat trip you get free drinks. Another positive thing about sailing from Giardini Naxos is that you will find a spot to park, even at the peak of the summer season. Do not belive anybody who claims "well our tour is different" the bays are always four, the landscape is identical so if they wanna charge you more they must provide better quality drinks, better food and a better boat. For the two hours boat tour the standards are all the same so €25 to €30 is what you wanna pay. Let's go and see which  is the best boat tour for you while visiting Taormina.

four hours private luxury boat excursion

For a luxurious experience on the waters of Taormina, consider booking any boat between 32 and 54 ft and picture yourself indulging in fine dining, savoring delectable dishes while surrounded by breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.  Exclusive relaxation is at the heart of this VIP service, where every detail is catered to your comfort and enjoyment.

What time does this tour depart at

The private boat trips in Taormina usually depart at 10 a.m. and a second slot is available at 3 p.m. 

Price range 

A four hours luxury boat excursion price range from €590 to €1200 depending on the size of the boat.

Tips and advices

  • Make sure on board you find snorkeling kits.
  • Ask which Prosecco wine they will serve you.
  • Finger food must include local products.

Classic Four bay tour

Discover the scenic beauty and hidden gems of Taormina and Giardini Naxos on the enchanting Classic four bay tour, where you'll sail through charming bays and caves along the picturesque coastline. This tour is carried out on the tipical mediterranean boat, the ideal size to enter the caves along the itinerary.  With this two hours boat excursion  you can see  the Blue Grotto and the Cave of Lovers while spotting fascinating marine life thriving in the crystal-clear waters. The Classic four bay tour offers a perfect blend of experiences for a memorable journey along the eastern Sicilian coast.

What time does this tour depart at

The two hours boat trip depart five times per day: 10 a.m. 12p.m. 2 p.m. 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Price range 

A two hours  boat excursion price range from €25 to €35 depending on where you book your trip from.

Tips and advices

  • Make sure on board you have drinks included in the price.
  • If you have kids ask for discount usually they pay €15.
  • Finger food must include local products.

Snorkeling trips

The snorkeling trips are a good opportunity to blend the beauty of Giardini Naxos and Taormina coastline with the underwater marine life of Isola Bella. A tour usually last anything between 3 to four hours and goes all the way to the mermaids bay. The bays where the boats stop to enjoy some snorkeling are the Isola Bella Marine Park and a second one usually is at the mermaids bay. Depending on the sea condition the stops can be changed.

What time does this tour depart at

The snorkeling trips depart from Giardini Naxos harbour at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Price range 

The price range for the snorkeling trips goes from €35 to €45 depending on the duration of the trip and service on board.

Tips and advices

  • Make sure that the tour visit the mermaids bay too.
  • If you have kids ask for discount usually they pay €25 to 30.
  • Ask if they provide wetsuite.

Sun set and dolphin spotting boat tour

As the day shifts into evening, capture the breathtaking sunset with a dedicated boat tours, creating lasting memories of your time on the water. This sun set tour basically is the last one departing from Giardini Naxos at 6 p.m. The tour last two hours and the itinerary is identical to the classic four bays tour, apart from the fact that on the way back the boat sail a few miles off the coastline in search of the dolphins. I do not like to paint with glamour every single article (you must have noticed by now) I stick to facts and informations, but the view of Mt. Etna at suset while you hold a drink and you are sailing is one of the best things you can experience while on vacation in Sicily.

What time does this tour depart at

Thesut set tour depart either at 4 p.m. or 6p.m. depending on the season.

Price range 

The price is €30

Tips and advices

  • Make sure that the tour include dolphin spotting
  • If you have kids ask for discount usually they pay €15 to 20.
  • Be sure drinks are included in the price.


Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey exploring the stunning waters of Taormina with the best boat tours available.

Whether you're seeking a luxury yacht excursion, a sunset sail experience, a snorkeling adventure tour, a private Isola bella tour, or a classic four bay tour, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to create lasting memories on the crystal-clear waters of this enchanting Sicilian paradise.

Book your boat tour today and set sail for an experience you won't soon forget.