Mazzarò bay, Italy

Mazzarò Taormina beaches

A short and essential article on everything you need to know about the splendid bay of Mazzarò, which is located in the municipality of Taormina.

Mazzarò Bay

The historic center of Taormina, with the Greek theater, the elegant Corso Umberto, and the enchanting view of the bay of Giardini Naxos every year, attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Mazzarò bay, with luxury hotels and seaside restaurants, is just a few miles away from Taormina city center. Mazzarò beach is made up of pebbles. The sea is crystal clear, with shades ranging from turquoise to emerald. The seabed bordering the bay of the Isola Bella marine park and the blue cave are ideal for snorkeling and enjoying a Kayak excursion. To access Mazzarò beach, you have to go down a staircase with two entrances, one close to the parking lot of the Taormina cable car and the other not far from the main road. The bay is mainly occupied by beaches clubs; the only small patch of free beach is on the bay's south side. The best way to visit the bay of Mazzarò and the rest of Taormina Marine reserve is with a boat tour departing from Giardini Naxos, which costs only €30 and includes fruit and drinks. There are three beach clubs on the Mazzarò beach. Still, leaving aside the one in Villa Sant'andrea, which is for the use of the hotel guests, there remain the Lido La Pigna and Il Delfino beach. The average price for two sunbeds and an umbrella is € 35/40, while the restaurants have menus with an array of food from sandwiches to raw fish.

How to get to Mazzarò beach Taormina

For those staying in Taormina, the fastest, cheapest, and least stressful way to reach the bay of Mazzaro and Isola Bella is by Taormina cable car located in Via Pirandello n.22. The access stairs to the Mazzarò bay are located a few tens of meters from the cable car exit. The cost of a return ticket with the cable car is € 6, but you can have weekly passes for € 50. Those arriving from the motorway must exit at the south Taormina motorway tollbooth and then continue south for three hundred meters. Those coming from Giardini Naxos will follow the S.S. 114 national road.

Where to Park

The largest and best-organized car park is the Mazzarò cable car, a second car park is located a little further south. Keep in mind that the two-car parks fill up quickly at the height of the tourist season (June, July, August, and September).