Mount Etna tours prices

Etna prices

This article is a quick and useful guide that will help you find the best prices for exploring Etna through one of the many excursions available; from the classic Etna and Alcantara Gorge tour to the most popular excursion, the one that leads up to the summit craters of the highest active volcano in Europe. Within this guide to the prices of Etna excursions, we will find the lowest and most convenient rates for walking tours, bike tours, and quad biking.

How much does a tour on Mount Etna cost?

 Finding the lowest prices before buying a good or service is a research that any careful consumer should do before deciding where to spend his money. This principle also applies when looking for an excursion on Etna. Every year, millions of people worldwide visit Sicily. A large percentage of these decide to visit Mount Etna with an organized tour.

This massive demand for trekking excursions, mountain bikes, and quad tours has created a market full of offers from independent tour operators and guides, with a wide range of prices and different standards and services. Before starting with the list of the best prices for Etna tours, I want to remind you to make sure that there is no misleading wording such as "Starting from" before the tour price you will purchase. The cost must be clear and with no hidden additional costs. Without wasting any more time, let's find out the lowest prices for excursions on Mount Etna.

Advice: Whether you buy from a website, by phone, or from an office, make sure that the agency that offers organized tours on Etna is an authorized tour operator with a regional license and that they use qualified guides with certifications and insurance. Scrolling to the end of a site's home page, you will see if they are tour operators or simple sports associations.

Etna and Alcantara Gorge excursion from € 69 to € 109

This tour is undoubtedly the ideal solution for those visiting Etna for the first time, those traveling with children, and those who do not want to walk too much. In the afternoon, you reach the Alcantara gorges, one more reason to put this tour in the top spot among other tours on Etna. Sicily Active, a tour operator in Taormina with € 69, has the best price on the market for the Etna and Alcantara Gorge tour. The price for this trip to Mount Etna includes transport, guide, shoes, trekking poles, and entrance to the Alcantara gorges.

Half-day Etna excursion from € 55 to € 79

This half day excursion from Taormiona is designed for those who do not want to spend the whole day on Etna but prefer to make an easy trek surrounded by an enchanting landscape for ninety minutes. Usually, the program includes a visit to a lava cave. Returning to the hotel around 2 pm can allow using the second part of the day to go to the beach or take a boat trip in Taormina. As with the previous excursion, transportation such as the guide must be included in the tour price.

Mountain bike on Etna from € 59 to € 99

With the advent of e-bikes, discovering Etna on two wheels has become easier and affordable for everyone. It is also possible to rent mountain bikes and go for a self-guided tour along the Altomontana track. However, the Etna bike tour on the north side of the volcano is undoubtedly the most beautiful and affordable for everyone.

Etna Quad Excursions € 55 to € 149

The third place on the podium for tours on Etna goes to the quad excursion. The wide price range for this tour lies in the fact that you can choose to arrive by car at an altitude of 1500 meters on the north side of Etna and drive the quad inside the Ragabo pine forest for 60 minutes or opt for the tour of five hours starting from the splendid Alcantara valley at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level and in five hours riding, explore the hilltop village of Castiglione di Sicilia, climb up to the Etna forests at an altitude of 2000 meters, visit a lava desert created by the great eruption of 2002 and then returned to the starting point.

Visit Etna

The list of tours that I have proposed to you represents only the tip of the iceberg of the excursions available on Etna. Remember to pay close attention before buying an excursion on the slopes of the volcano. Reward those who respect the rules and those who respect the environment. As a reference point, we recommend Sicily Active, a tour operator based in Taormina. The guys offer a wide range of excursions with a quality price among the best on the market; among other things, they are always available to help travelers even if they do not buy their tour. Ivano, who you can contact at +39-3342632697, will be able to show you the ideal excursion on Etna for your needs and pockets. Visit Etna and respect the environment.