Mount Etna eruption July 2024

Etna, the highest active volcano on the European continent with its 3350 meters, gives us yet another eruption that attracts tourists from all over the world.

The Strombolian and effusive activity of Etna's summit crater continues. After the vortex rings of smoke  which in April 2024 also attracted the curiosity of the international media. In June of this year (2024) the chasm, one of the four active craters of the summit apparatus of Etna, began an explosive phase which led to the formation of a cinder cone several meters high. On June 29th, a structural collapse of the cinder cone inside the chasm gave rise to a lava flow with the rolling of blocks inside the Bocca nuova. Sicily Active organizes evening summit excursions to admire the eruption up close. Do not forget to dress according to the altitude and season when visiting Mount Etna.