Gole Alcantara Body Rafting

Is body rafting.... ?

Body Rafting is a new and exciting activity where participants use their bodies as a Raft to float down a river. The stunning Canyon of the Alcantara Gorges in Sicily is one of the most famous places where Body Rafting is practiced.

What is Body rafting?

Do you think that Body Rafting is like whitewater rafting using inflatable boats?... You're mistaken. When you navigate a river on a raft, the last thing you want to do is fall off it; when doing Body Rafting, you do not use a raft or an inflatable boat. Still, you use your body as a raft to navigate the river!

As simple as that? Not really. People enjoying canyoning adventures were familiar with Body Rafting and River trekking for a long time. When a river's stretch was not too impetuous and not too shallow, people would use their bodies to navigate the waters downstream, overcome small rapids, and move fast. When the water level was too low, they would walk (River trekking). So we can say that whoever takes part in a canyoning experience along the tour will use all three techniques;

Canyoning to abseil the walls of a gorge using ropes, Body rafting to quickly navigate downstream, and river Trekking to walk in shallow waters. Nowadays, people in some canyons around the planet that can be explored without ropes have made the explorations of rivers that flow channeled inside gorges accessible to a larger audience. In Costa Rica, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, France, and Italy,  there are some great places surrounded by spectacular nature where people can enjoy an adrenaline adventure of Body rafting.

Body rafting at the Alcantara Gorges

Body rafting
A group of people having fun with a Body Rafting tour.

On the east coast of Sicily's southern Italian region, close to Taormina in the Alcantara Valley, there is the stunning Alcantara River and an amazing Canyon. In the last twenty years, the cold water Alcantara gorge has become one of the best places in Europe were to take part in a fun excursion of Body rafting. As locals call them, the "Gole Alcantara" is inside the botanical park of "Motta Camastra," a small Village in the Alcantara valley in Italy. The canyon's wall's rock formations up to 30 meters high are truly extraordinary. Three Ancients lava flow produced by long-lasting eruptions from Mount Etna encountering the River Alcantara's cold water cooled quickly creating columnar basalt, geologically similar to the famous giant causeway in Ireland. The Alcantara River is funnelled inside a basaltic gorge, and the surrounding Mediterranean countryside forms an environmental wonder of rare beauty. The tourist part of the river is located at the Alcantara Gorges 

How does the body rafting Alcantara gorges tour work?

The first part of the excursion goes upstream using the river trekking technique. A minimum of agility is required to overcome rapids and rocks, but do not worry. The Body Rafting adventure at Alcantara gorges is led by specialized local guides that ensure that everybody in the group reaches Venus pool, the deepest, most beautiful part of the canyon. The fun begins on the way back when participants use their body as a raft to slide along the foamy rapids of the river. 

Most asked questions about Body Rafting.

Do I need technical gear to do Body rafting?

Yes, you do. A helmet, wetsuit, proper footwear, and a life jacket are essential to take part in river body rafting. All tour operators provide technical equipment.

Do I need to be able to swim to join a body rafting experience?

You do not; swimming abilities are not required to take part in a Body rafting tour to the Alcantara Gorges since the life jacket keeps you afloat.

Can kids take part in a Body Rafting trip?

If the kids are higher than 145 centimetres, they can join the tour.

When Body rafting and river trekking tours are available?

From April to November, the Alcantara River Park is open to the public.

Is the Alcantara river water cold?

Yes, it is. The average water temperature of the Alcantara River is around 10 degrees Celcius or 50 degrees Fahrenheit. But the 5,5 mm. wetsuit will keeps warm.

Is there a car park at the Alcantara Gorges?

Yes, the Alcantara Gorges main car park has plenty of parking spots by the public entrance. There are other two parking places. Most of the tour operators offering body rafting tours have their car park.

Is body rafting Dangerous?

Like any other sports and adventure activities, injuries are part of the game. Still, every year, at the Alcantara Gorges, thousands of people take part in the river excursions, and nobody has ever reported serious injuries.