Best Safety Gear for Body Rafting Adventures

When approaching for the first time a sport like body Rafting and Canyoning the gear to have with you is paramount. Trying to save a cpuple of quids off the equipment is a short cut that in the long run won't work. Quality gear last longer and above all will make the difference while practicing body Rafting. Lat's go and see what I personally use for myself and the groups every year we take to see the alcantara Gorges in sicily.

Top Protective Equipment for Body Rafters

For rafters seeking top protective equipment, the Sweet Protection Wanderer Paddle Helmet stands out as a premier choice due to its excellent temple coverage and visibility features. This helmet provides superior protection for your head and temples, crucial areas that need extra care during rafting adventures.

The added visibility options make it easier for your group to spot you in the water, enhancing overall safety.

When it comes to flotation benefits, the NRS Big Buoy life jacket is a top contender, offering 22 lbs of flotation with minimal drag. Its long shoulder straps ensure comfort withoutcompromising on safety. When taking groups for body rafting in the canyon of the Alcantara I use the NRS life jacket, is one of the besrt out there.

In case of emergencies, the Fox 40 Sonic Blast whistle is a must-have for effective signaling, producing over 120 decibels of sound. If you are new to Body rafting check out our article "What is body Rafting"

Additionally, the Gerber E-Z Out River Knife is highly recommended for its cutting capabilities, providing a reliable tool for various situations you may encounter on the river.

Must-Have Safety Accessories for Rafting

When it comes to wet suite I suggest you to stick to anything between 5,5 and 7,5 mm. depending on the water temperature. Keep always handy an extra layer with a neoprene vest for the coldest days. A pair of neoprene gloves can makes a difference too, in terms of temperature retention and protection from sharp rocks edges and objects. When it comes to footwears choose some solid canyoning boots with an original vibram sole.

Lastly, keep your gear dry and easily accessible with the Watershed Chattooga Duffel Drybag, allowing you to focus on self-rescue strategies and rescue techniques when needed. Stay safe and enjoy your rafting adventure with these must-have safety accessories.

What not to do when going body rafting

  • Never wear contact lents
  • Never jump in a place without checking first, you never know what's lying underneath the water surface.
  • Never go alone, make sure that when you decide to enjoy a canyoning trip you have somebody with you.
  • Never start an excursion of Body rafting without checking your gear.
  • Never use worn equipment.
  • Never, never carry a knife that is not super sharp. In case of emergency you musr be able to cut a rope in a matter of seconds.


In conclusion, having the right safety gear for body rafting adventures is essential for a fun and secure experience. From protective equipment to safety accessories, being prepared can make all the difference on the water.

Remember to stay safe, stay prepared, and enjoy making unforgettable memories with New Mexico River Adventures. So gear up, get out there, and have a blast on your next body rafting adventure!