river trekking on the alcantara river, sicily

How to dress for a river trekking at the Alcantara Gorges

The river trekking is one of the most popular activities to visit the Alcantara gorges, let's see how to prepare and how to dress to make the most of this river excursion.

How to dress for a river trekking at the Alcantara gorges

passegiata fluviale alle gole Alcantara
The most famous stretch of the Alcantara Gorges

The river walk or river trekking is certainly one of the best activities to visit the Gole di Larderia canyon, the most spectacular stretch with rock formations that enchant thousands of visitors. This geological wonder is located in the municipality of Motta Camastra in the province of Messina and is easily accessible from both Giardini Naxos and Taormina.

A river walk usually lasts two hours and includes both an exploration of the downstream stretch of the Alcantara River and the internal part of the Gorge. Access to the river is via the municipal stairs, and the ticket price is always included in the cost of the river excursion. Before showing you how to dress optimally for the excursion, I remind you to contact authorized guides who have insurance coverage. All agencies operating within the Alcantara gorges river and botanical park must be authorized by the park.

How to dress for a river trekking

The river trekking activity does not require equipment like body rafting, but just wear river dungarees with boots with vibram soles in order to have grip. Essential are a pair of heavy, cotton socks, wearing long trousers to prevent dungarees from irritating your legs and wearing a t-shirt and not tank tops. In addition to a hat to avoid sunstroke and sunscreen, I recommend you bring a water proof phone case to protect it from water and a small backpack with something to eat. Even if the excursion lasts only two hours, you burn a lot of calories. Remeber to have a pair of shorts to wear once you finish, the long trousers will be sweaty.

what to bring

  • Tick cotton socks

  • Long trouser

  • A t-shirt/No tank top

  • A hat

  • Sun cream

  • A water proof telephone case

  • A small backpack

The river trekking trail at the Alcantara gorges

The river trekking route is approximately four kilometers long. In the part that goes towards the valley it includes the passage of some small tobogans, some passages through the rocks where you need to have a little agility and strength in your arms. The part of the route that goes inside the gorge, however, is flat, if the water level is high you will need to push on your legs, but it is still an easy activity and within everyone's reach.