a stretch of the Alcantara River at tthe alcantara gorges

Canyoning in Sicily

The island of Sicily offers a wide spectrum of experiences and activities, among the most exciting we find the Canyoning or river Jumping. Let’s find out where to enjoy some river adventure in Sicily and above all where and in which season this super cool activity is available.

Where to Enjoy Canyoning in Sicily


Due to the many mountain ranges present in the island of Sicily the places where to enjoy canyoning, body rafting and river trekking are countless. Having said this, the one easily accessible and relatively safe are four and are scattered between the province of Messina, Catania, Siracuse and Palermo.

The Canyoning or River Jumping can be practiced all year around in Sicily, keep in mind that from the end of October to late April most tour operator are closed. So if you are planning to enjoy an adventure of Canyoning off-season in Sicily bring your own technical gear and make sure that you wear a neoprene vest of at least 5 mm. underneath the wetsuit.

Since the Alcantara river receives major quantity of water from the melting of the snow on Mt. Etna, this site is the ideal for those people who visit Sicily between April and November. The other sites where to enjoy some canyoning and river jumping  mentioned in this article have water mainly in winter and early spring but in summer (June to October) are dry. The places where to do Canyoning in Sicily are the following:

  • The Alcantara Gorges or Gurne around Taormina in Messina/Catania county
  • The Stretta di Longi in the Nebrodi Mountain ranges Messina
  • Sosio Valley, Palermo/Agrigento County
  • Ficuzza Gole del Drago Palermo County
  • Anapo River Siracuse Count

1 Canyoning and River Jumping in the Alcantara River

The Alcantara Valley and the river are undoubtedly the most famous places where to enjoy a canyoning and a River Jumping (What is river Jumping) tour. Most tourist flock through the main entrance to the Alcantara Gorges  believing that this stretch of river offers the good opportunity to-do Body rafting and canyoning but this is far from the truth.

The Alcantara Gorges are a good spot to marvel at the high walls of the canyon made of volcanic rocks but the water level is low and the gorge so crowded that sometimes becomes hard to walk inside. If you wish to see the nicest stretch of the Alcantara River Park in the municipality of Francavilla and Castiglione di Sicilia than head to the “Gurne of the Alcantara” where a series of lakes and waterfall create a marvelous landscape. Please note that at the Gurne of the Alcantara Body Rafting and Canyoning comes together in a new discipline called “River Jumping” where no ropes are used. The pioneer and still most experienced guide is Ivano if you need assistance get in touch with him +393342632697

Time of the Year:April to early November

Equipment: Provided by the tour operator

2 Canyoning Stretta di Longi Messina

This places is away from the main tourist routes in the small town of Longi in the Nebrodi Mountain range. You will definitely need a car and your own equipment to enjoy canyoning this stretch of river. Stretta di Longi is It is a very deep gorge dug over time by the Fitalia river. The site is of considerable naturalistic interest, as it is home to numerous species of birds. River trekking and hiking are offered by some local guide. Altough this river is busy in summer the highest volume of water is recorded between November and April. The rest of the year the river level is extremely low.

Time of the Year From November to April

Equipment Bring your own one

3 Sosio Valley Palermo

The Monti di Palazzo Adriano and Valle del Sosio nature reserve is a protected natural area located in the municipalities of Bivona and Burgio, in the province of Agrigento and in the metropolitan city of Palermo. The river after a small stretch enters into a canyon called “listi d’u firriatu ”, a deep gorge 8 km long and 300 meters deep, surrounded by forests of oak trees. This gorge is long and whoever decides to explore it needs some good experience with canyoning and a full set of technical gear, including professional river boots and gloves. This county of Sicily is among the driest of the island even in winter the water level can be low. Please check with park office if the river is flowing

Time of the year:November to April Equipment: Bring your own one

4 Ficuzza reserve "Gole del Drago"

The Drago Gorges constitute a natural canyon in the territory of Corleone, an Italian municipality in the metropolitan city of Palermo in Sicily. They Gorges are formed by the Frattina river, a tributary of the Belice Sinistro. The canyon, a narrow gorge, was carved by the river which crossed a steep stretch of limestone rock terrain. The river has formed, along its path, the canyon, waterfalls and some lakes. The canyoning here can be super cool and the route is not super technical even though a minimum of experience is required. Body rafting and river trekking are available in the “Gole del drago” Since this place is away from the main tourist routes you will need a car.

Time of the year:October to May Equipment:Bring your own one  

5 The Anapo Valley and Cavagrande del Cassibile

This two natural wet reserves of Sicily in the district of Syracuse have some truly amazing and exotic landscapes. Canyoning and Body Rafting trails are not easy to find since the site is very large, but river trekking and bouldering can be practiced. Cavagrande del Cassibile is the largest  canyon in Europe, is 10 km long and 300 meters deep. A series of lakes represent a good opportunity for swimming. In the Anapo valley cycling tours are available.

Time of the years: April to November

Equipment: Bring your own one